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On Your Way Out, What Would You Grab in an Emergency?

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Since no one can 

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predict when an accident will happen and they usually happen when you are the least prepared, taking a first aid kit to the park is just as important as having one at home. There are a lot of minor and serious injuries that occur, even on the shortest visits to the park.

Children are a magnet for injury so if they are are in your company on this park trip then there is a good chance you will actually use the first aid kit at some point of the day. They tend to trip over invisible bumps in the ground, fall off swings, skin their elbows when coming down slides and of course, the list goes on. Even if it is not your children, other people's children are prone to accident around you as well and they are equally important to be taken care of.

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12-06-2018, 12:11 PM


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