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Theme FilmWP v2 - Cinema and Movie Watch Theme (2017 - Release)

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[Image: filmwp.jpg]

General Features of Theme
Responsive coding for flawless appearance on all mobile devices
2 different homepage placements that can be selected from the theme management panel
2 different category placement which can be selected from the theme management panel
Home features selected by the editor
Login and membership feature with Facebook
Members' favorite movie list creation feature
Ability to add members to the movie later
Advanced film search robot
Chat between members
Ability to create player archive
Director and player list entry feature to movies
Part-free system
Visitors' ability to score points
Theme installation is done by us without any additional charge.
You can add special fields very easily thanks to the panel we prepared and the last panel.
You can manage all menus in the site from the admin panel.
You can specify the addresses of your social media pages from the admin panel.

Theme Setup (TRANSLATE):
- Open the "License" folder in the file you downloaded.
- Edit the "license.php" file and send it to your site's home directory.
- Log in to your browser by going to "siteadi.com/lisans.php".
- Copy the code created for your site to the desired location and license your theme.
- You can use "functions_user.php" to add extra functions.


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