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Theme Movifox responsive wordpress Dizi Movie Theme

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A brand new wordpress series theme and movie theme. After the Keremiya V5, this theme actually makes a difference in quality in film and TV series. Anyone who uses the seo power of Keremiya themes knows it already. With the new theme, an indispensable theme emerges on the power of the seo. Now I will write the features of the theme and share the demo and download links.

Features of the theme;

[Image: movifox.png]




Movifox has been developed for multi-purpose use. You can use it with a perfect harmony as the theme of the movie, the theme of the series and the theme of anime. With the özgür Home Builder ay feature in the theme, you can design a total of 7 widgets and 100 different settings with 10 different settings for each widgets and design your desired homepage freely.






One of the biggest features of the theme is that it has a strong Seo infrastructure. Thanks to the secure code structure that can be easily detected by search engines, it allows you to reach high hits.




Responsive feature gives your sites a great view on all mobile devices and makes your site user friendly



The Responsive feature brings mobile compatibility to the Movifox theme. Phone, Tablet and Laptop screens are sensitive.




With the movifox welding system, which allows selection of resources according to the language selection, you can create unlimited alternative resources.

One Theme in 4 Theme

You can even use it for movies, if you want series, even anime and magazine sites. You are completely free with the features offered by its advanced infrastructure.

keremm to Theme panel

Movifox; KeremiyaPanel has an advanced theme management panel, which allows you to easily control the theme without touching any line of code.

Home page Builder

You can create hundreds of different combinations with 7 specially designed components and you can easily bring your homepage to the look you want.

Content Adding ease

There are small content panels to make it easier to add content. Although it is very understandable, you can bring the contents of the movie in a single click with the imdb bot in the panel.

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