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Scripts OXOO - Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Powerful Admin Panel

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[Image: envato-inline-image.png?auto=compress%2C...b52d8edc6b]

[Image: oxoo-x-admin-dashboard.png]

[Image: oxoo-navigation.png]

OXOO is an amazing android live TV & movie portal application.Which included PHP admin dashboard script.You will able to maintain all of your changes easily by use this dashboard.It’s will give the best experience in entertainment as an author of IPTV or Movie application/site owner.It’s a smart application with a easy tools setting. You and your client can watch movie and live TV on android devices without any hassle.OXOO is not only an application but also a supper application with a super UI/UX too.You can manage your TV channel using by PHP Dashboard & it’s another special & smart option for user because it’s not only Dashboard OXOO included android source code too. It’s also a plug-in of “OVOO – Live TV & Movie Portal CMS with Unlimited TV-Series” you can easily integrate this application with OVOO PHP Script.

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