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Click Jacker 4.0

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Here is how it works…
  • Enter a URL to use for your page background. = Any website that allows iFraming (most websites)
  • Add your own image, video, or email opt-in form to an unblockable pop-up window = Pop-up can be set to display on arrival, after a set time, or on exit (using exit intent technology).
  • Pop-up is placed over the background page = allowing you to leverage the authority of the article with your own image ad, email opt-in, or video pop-ups
Profit from the 96% of web traffic most marketers abandon with Exit Intent and Re-targeting technology. Build lists, make affiliate commissions, and gain exposure to your videos if you’re a video marketer. Click Jacker is a WordPress plugin that takes the power of the internet and puts it in your hands. And because Click Jacker is a WordPress plugin that you use on your own website you don't have to pay monthly. Other exit intent and re-targeting pixel solutions charge you monthly for their service

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Website Find

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