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[ADULT] Auto-Pilot Method (No-Investment)

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[ADULT] Auto-Pilot Method (No-Investment)
I am going to make this as simple as possible. This is so far the easiest way I have found to make money by making your own adult site and this is 100% FREE, no investment required. (You can invest in things like domains and stuff once you start earning money from the method).

Step 1: Building up some free traffic.
Ok so first step is to get some free traffic building up while your completing the rest of this method. So create an (

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and once registered log in and click the "Applications" option at the top left of the site. Then click on the program that works for your OS. (the VPS addition is the best for running in the background and not being a recourse hog.) Install the application, Log in and run the app. We are going to do the same thing

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. Create an account, log in, Click the "Overview" option on the left menu then click the "Download Exchanger" button, Install it and once installed open the app, log in and click "surf". Now you will have some traffic building up in the background! Feel free to add more you get the point.

Step 2: Getting your money makers set up.
Now its time to get the moola makers set up. First you are going to want to head over

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and make an account. Second you will create an account

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. These two sites will come into play in the final step and will ultimatley be the two sites that will be paying you out for this method. (As always feel free to add other sites you know of that are legit to make even more money).

Step 3: Set up your free adult tube site.
Now come the easy part. Go ahead and head over

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and set up your own porn tube site! Yeah it is 100% free to set up and they give you a free add-on domain in case you don't have a domain of your own. You can always go back and buy a domain later on down the line.

Step 4: Putting it all together.
So now that you have that all done up go ahead and head over to the first site in step 2 and click "GET CODE" and copy the code there. Next navigate to your tube sites dashboard and click "Manage" then click "Layout" and off to the right side there click "Create Ad Widget", and add the code we just copied there. Next go to the second site in step 2 and do the same but with this site click "Sell Ads", Then click "Add Website" and add your new Porn Tube site. Once you are finished add the ad code to your site the same way we did the first one. Now go to the first site in step 1 and the second site in step one and add your new sites URL to your account and set it to do unlimited traffic. From here you are pretty much set and ready to roll. If you want to know how to add videos to your site simple click the "Video Manager" tab in your dashboard and choose an uploader, Type some Keywords and click submit and it will automatically add an ton of videos to your site!

Step 5: Sit back and get PAID!
From here it is going to be pretty easy. As the days go by you can improve your little project by adding more traffic sources, Submitting your site to search engines, buying a domain, adding more affiliates, promoting your site via other sites and so on and so on. So if you have made it this far congrats you have officially set up your auto-pilot adult website. I made this method in a bit of a hurry so if you have any questions feel free to ask below and I will reply as soon as I can with any help I can provide! Enjoy!

04-08-2018, 01:26 PM

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thank you one

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