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Higher weight (with a helper in the neighborhood

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Higher weight (with a helper in the neighborhood), but with a lower number of repetitions. Accustomed to do four repetitions of 120 kilos, try one or two with 130.  Testoboost ProIf you wait until you think you are able to do 130 times, you make the threshold unnecessarily high. If you do one or two sets before that, it is psychologically already a huge boost. With weight training you get back what you put in it. A larger muscle mass is a physical sign of victory, but the emotional progress ensures that you continue with intensive training. THE VICTORY OF THE FITTEST If you weigh the internal battle between pleasure and pain, you have to decide on your goals in the long term. If you are only looking for pleasure in which you feel good, then you will probably avoid most of the experiences where you do not feel well. The danger     ..…

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03-05-2018, 12:12 PM

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