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Theme Keremiya v5 - Wordpress Movies Theme v5 100% Working 2017

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NOT NULLED Keremiya v5 - Wordpress Movies Theme v5

[Image: responsive.jpg]


Keremiya 5 has advanced theme management panel. KeremiyaPanel let's you control theme easily without writing any code.

[Image: keremiyapanel.png]

Advanced Part System

Not it is smarter and more useful! You can add additional information about language and quality.

[Image: yeni-part-sistemi.png]

Movie Panel

Now it is much more simple to add information about director, cast and release date. Your job is more simple while adding movie via KeremiyaPanel.

[Image: keremiyapanel-post.png]

Advanced User Settings

Your members are more active on your website now. They can add any movie to their favorites, create watch lists and do more.

[Image: keremiya-v5-user.png]

Custom Homepage

You can edit your homepage however you wish via Keremiya HomeBuilder. You can create a dynamic page with 4 different components.

[Image: keremya-homebuilder.png]

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