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Theme ToroPlay 3.1 with TR Grabber 1.1 Wordpress Movie Theme Nulled Free

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[Image: 9IXRwE2.png]

ToroPlay is a new theme for online movie and series sites created by ToroThemes. It has functions that will save you a lot of work in the day to day.
It also has our integrated API where you will receive the updates in a single click. Constant updates!


In version 2.0 ToroPlay has become a WordPress theme for Series. Now you can have a web of only series, only movies and even both on a single WordPress site.

[Image: img-series.png]

Content Importer

With our TR Movies plugin you can import all the data of a movie with a simple click, just by entering the TMDb movie ID you will have all the data of the movie in your WordPress site. You also have the possibility to import download links or to see online from YASKE with a single click.

[Image: img-import.jpg]


ToroPlay is oriented to SEO, therefore it has a super speed with which you can get up to 100 points in the test of Google speed. Get an elegant, fast, powerful and modern site with this incredible theme and surpass your competition with its super speed.

[Image: img-spen.jpg]

[Image: 3xBhXOl.png]

What's New in Version 3.1:

  • ToroPlay V3.1 y TR Grabber V1.1
  • Bug fix ( very important that you update ) - 05/05/2018
  • Corrected quick links. (Failed in tv shows)
  • Autodetect if the added link is online or download (You must pre-select at the time of adding the server, what type is to work)
  • CSS fixes
  • Change of slugs moved to the permalinks section of wordpress
  • Improved iframes DMCA protection with support for Openload, Streamango, Vidoza, Streamplay, Flashx, Streamcherry, Thevideo.website (Optional, can be disabled) View video - View options
  • Improvements in the consumption of shared hosting resources
  • Compatibility with crazy translate, to translate or change text from wp-admin

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