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 The cost of treatment with eleiners depends on the complexity of the case and the number of necessary caps. Gum treatment is a popular service in modern dental practice. Up to 90% of adult patients have various periodontal diseases. An important feature of these pathological changes is that they cannot be completely eliminated. With the help of specialized treatment, specialists can stop the progression of the inflammatory process and prevent the premature loss of natural teeth. Causes of inflammation In order to find out what and how to treat inflammation of the gums, it is necessary to determine the factors that contribute to the defeat of these tissues: Neglecting the rules of oral hygiene; The deposition of plaque and stone; Disturbances in the blood supply system; Deficiency of vitamins and microelements. Disturbances in the circulatory systemThe deposition of plaque and stone Features of therapy Periodontists are engaged in professional treatment and prevention of changes that occur in the tissues of the gums. Depending on the individual characteristics of the clinical picture, the degree, localization of periodontal inflammation, various methods of therapy are used: Drug (conservative) treatment; Physiotherapy; Surgical intervention. At the initial stages of the disease, it is enough to use the first two groups of methods. In the absence of a positive effect and the progression of infectious inflammation, which is characterized by abnormal mobility of teeth, dentists turn to prompt correction of this condition. Surgical interventionstherapy Drug therapy It is up to the attending physician to make the choice of drugs, which will treat the inflammation of the gums. The following pharmaceutical preparations are used in the complex therapy: Antibiotics and antiseptics; Pastes and gels to reduce the sensitivity of teeth in the root segment; Regenerative drugs (fibroblasts, stem cells, platelet growth factor); Individually selected complex of vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements. 

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