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Hacker for Hire

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Country: United States

Hire an Elite hacking team who are experienced, talented , tested and proven overtime ,you may be unaware of the duties and capabilities of our team , the purpose of this message is to enlighten you, if you hire a hacker, you will run the risk of being hacked yourself , however we are professional and operate within clearly mapped out and outlined parameters, we value repeat business and as such always strive to maintain an impeccable and reliable standard of job delivery. 

We render the underlisted services

- Email hacking
- Social media hacking (Facebook,Twitter,Telegram,Instagram, Snapchat, Snapshot, Reddit,and any social media platform you require)
- Website hacking and database mining
- PC hacking without being traced
- Phone Hacking
- Bank Account and CC top-up, Wire transfer with 100% Untraceable credit funds (US, CANADA & UK ONLY)
- Public agency website penetration
- WU & MoneyGram Hack using solid BOTNET malware.
- Credit Score upgrade
- Spy on your partner

We offer these and more services, contact us according to your needs and we will tailor our services to fit your requirements

We also have 100% track records from our client as well as high return hire rate.
We work with a Project Co-ordinator, 100% guarantee and money back return policy is assured.

06-14-2019, 02:44 PM

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